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C. Robert Walker The Singer

The Journey

My name is C. Robert Walker, a Singer/Songwriter, who performs in several different genres. House, Jazz, Neo-Soul  and Dance. I have performed All over Europe, the UK, Africa, Dubai Russia and several other countries.

The Experience

I  have songs that have charted in those countries and several of my songs have been re-mixed by grammy winner Louie Vega and had a re-mix done by Tom Molton and others.  On my very first Solo Album I have Grammy Winner Paul Brown  and American Music Winner, Peter White just to name a few.


I  have been in the music business for a number of years and  living in Europe , I have since relocated to the USA to fulfill My Completion  and share my gift .

Touch Me

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Hard Times For Lovers

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How Was It For You

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If You Love Me

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I Can

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My Passion

I've always wondered about the way music makes people feel. Music is a way for me to express feelings and emotions that can only be describe by the lyrics of the song and the sound of the music. It is important for me as a singer/songwriter to tell a story with the song. 

Music is what feelings sound like.


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